Mike on the Issues

As a fourth generation North Idahoan, I have come to know very well the issues that the residents of Bonner and Boundary counties really care about. I know that my experience and common-sense approach to problem solving can bring a much-needed partnership with our other District 1 legislators, Rep. Sage Dixon, and Sen. Shawn Keough.


Below I’ve provided summary statements on some of the most important issues I see in our district, and our state. Do you have an issue you feel is important and should be addressed by our Idaho Legislature? I want to know! Please contact me»


Here are issues that matter:


I will work to improve our roads, bridges, and airports. It is important to also adequately address the needs of our county roads and bridges. Recent mud slides and washouts desperately need attention. I pledge to be a strong advocate and voice in Boise for Boundary and Bonner Counties’ road, bridge and transportation needs.


As a fourth-generation North Idahoan and product of our public schools here, I know how important it is for our community to support our teachers and our students. I will work to improve our public education K through career, and to adequately fund them. I will work to include additional technical and vocational training to address the needs of the workforce. I believe good teachers are under paid and under appreciated – and I want them to know my goal is to see Idaho provide it’s teachers with abundant support and competitive pay structures.


When I was 10 years old I sold the Spokane Daily Chronicle on the streets of Sandpoint and I learned the importance of hard work and how a job can influence your life. We must protect our existing jobs, whether they are sustainable forest practices, recreation, or tourism. In addition, we must encourage and support new opportunities in the growing aviation, technology, and other industries that are drawn to North Idaho because of our superb quality of life.

Natural Resources

Natural resources are the cornerstone of our quality of life and our economic vitality. Whether lakes, streams, forests, or mountains, our natural resources provide countless jobs, recreational opportunities, and the beautiful place we call home. I will work to protect and support our natural resources and the jobs they provide in all ways possible.

Constituent Service

As your representative I will listen to your concerns and see that you receive fair and equitable treatment from our state regulators. In addition, as your representative it is my obligation to review our state regulations to ensure they are appropriate and constructive and they keep us competitive in the market place and do not place undue burdens on our citizens